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Answering the Call to Greatness


The Pelican School is microschool that teaches core curricula through a lens of teamwork, humility and stewardship. Our students learn in a home environment, where we focus on social and emotional well-being, along with proper hygiene and interpersonal skills. As a family deeply rooted in on our Faith, our curriculum and daily rhythm are centered around God and the beauty of His created world. 


We currently accept students in Kindergarten and First Grade, with the expectation to encompass more grades in future years. Students gather at an in-home school room from 8am-12pm Monday through Thursday. Our school program is comprehensive and does not require any supplementation outside of school hours. Further, families may expect little to no homework, though we do encourage our students to share their discoveries at home.

We will be opening for our inaugural year in the fall of 2024

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Our Teacher

Cassandra Brown

Cassandra is a mother of three setting out to evolve children's experience of formal education. After receiving a homeschool education kindergarten through high school, Cassandra attended Benedictine College, where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art with an emphasis in Psychology. She went on post-graduation to become an Orton-Gillingham certified dyslexia tutor and has served students with dyslexia for over five years.


Because of her own homeschool experience, Cassandra believes children thrive when given the opportunity to spend less time in a classroom and more time doing things that nurture their innate wonder, freedom and innocence. Further, she believes that a child's education should inspire those same qualities and lead them to a better understanding of God's creative genius.​

Cassandra's background in art has given her a keen appreciation for beauty and nature, which she intends to incorporate into The Pelican School's curriculum, teaching methods, and learning environment.


Our Space

Our school room (the Nest) is currently under renovation, but we have a clear vision for what we intend the space to provide for our students. Our goal is first to create a space where students feel comfortable to explore, relax, and ask questions. By using natural wood and accents from nature, the Nest will be a peaceful and engaging learning environment.

Within the Nest will be multiple learning zones, including a few small desks for students who prefer more structure, along with some relaxed, cushioned seating options. At the head of the room will be our large table, around which we will conduct the formal lessons each day.

Several Resource shelves will be available to students throughout the room and will include materials such as: an array of stories which contain beautiful illustrations and valuable moral lessons, Usborne First Encyclopedias, puzzles featuring maps of the world and US, extensive craft and art supplies, and a low relief globe.

Why the Pelican?
School Room (The Nest)

Why the Pelican?

The Pelican School Logo, copyright 2023

It's in the symbolism.

The pelican has long been a symbol of humility, patience and teamwork. These qualities, partnered with a strong sense of stewardship, are what we consider the greatest pillars of character at our school. 

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The Pelican School is located in

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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