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Where is the School Located?

The Pelican School is located in Cassandra's home in eastern Sioux Falls, SD. School takes place in a dedicated school space that has been thoughtfully renovated to meet the needs of our students.

How big is the class size?

Our class size may vary, but will remain around 10 students. Students will participate in a mixed-age class and have the opportunity to learn from one another over the course of the school year. We consider this one of the great advantages of a microschool education!

Will you be expanding to more grades in the future?

Yes! It is our plan to encompass more grades with each year. Students joining The Pelican School for the 2024-2025 school year will receive priority for enrollment in following years.

Is there an application deadline?

No! We have rolling admissions. Because we have a limited class size, families may be added to a waitlist if all the student slots have been filled at the time of application.

Do you follow a traditional school calendar?

Yes! The Pelican School is in session from late August through mid-May. 

What age of students do you accept?

We are currently accepting students in kindergarten and first grade. Generally, a student should turn 5 by September 1st of their kindergarten year. In exceptional instances, a child may be developmentally advanced and ready for kindergarten at an earlier age. In such cases, parents should discern whether they feel their child is ready on a social, emotional, and intellectual level to begin their formal education. 

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